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Commission lobbies for police access to website owners list

In January, ICANN published a list of three options it is considering to reform WHOIS, which include a system for very limited data access by legal and court order, an accreditation programme, and a simpler process allowing people who self-certify to use the directories. The Commission has told ICANN that it prefers a combination of the three options to break the WHOIS deadlock. On 23 January, diplomats from EU member states approved a solution that’s similar to the Commission’s demands, according to one source with knowledge of the agreement. The EU executive is now facing a backlash. Privacy campaigners blasted the Commission for giving too much weight to law enforcement authorities’ concerns. “We’d have wished for the Commission to have defended the GDPR with more teeth,” said Maryant Fernández Pérez, a policy advisor at the NGO European Digital Rights, which submitted a recommendation favouring the most restrictive of ICANN’s proposals to make the database private. Fernández pointed to the Commission’s suggestions for reforming WHOIS to benefit law enforcement and the intellectual property industry. But details on the privacy rights of people who register domain names were thin. WHOIS has been scrutinised by European privacy regulators before. In December, the powerful umbrella group of EU data protection watchdogs warned ICANN in a letter that “the unlimited publication of personal data of individual domain name holders raises serious concerns regarding the lawfulness of such practice”. ICANN wants to announce by the end of the month how exactly it will make the system more private.

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